DanceAfrica Performance 2022: Homegrown

DATE: Sat, May 28, 2022 at 2pm

LOCATION: BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

RUN TIME: approx. two hours, with intermission

Season Sponsor:
Leadership support for BAM Access Programs provided by the Jerome L. Greene Foundation

Leadership support for programming in the Howard Gilman Opera House provided by The Howard Gilman Foundation

Leadership support for dance at BAM provided by The Harkness Foundation for Dance and The SHS Foundation

Leadership support for the BAM Hamm Archives and BAM Film, Community, and Education programs provided by The Thompson Family Foundation

ConEdison is a ​​Major Sponsor of BAM Community Programs

Artistic Director Abdel R. Salaam

Lighting design by Al Crawford
Sound design by David Margolin Lawson
Production stage manager Kristin Colvin Young
Stage manager N’Goma Woolbright
Assistant stage manager Normadien Woolbright
Assistant stage manager Kori Broadnax
Welcome to BAM!
Greetings DanceAfrica Community!

Our doors are wide open to welcome back DanceAfrica audiences for the 45th presentation of BAM’s longest-running program. After two years in the virtual space and three years since this community has gathered together in person, this year will be a celebration like no other. The spirit that sparked this phenomenal cultural celebration continues as we honor the legacies of Africa and its diaspora through the artistic voices of Black and African American dance companies.

DanceAfrica has a legacy, unlike any other program!

Baba Chuck Davis created this joyous annual event to be more than “just a festival of vendors, dance, and music” but a village. His vision was to build and nourish community, exchange ideas, build knowledge, and pass on the cultural traditions of Africa and the African diaspora while creating new traditions. And 45 years later, at the heartbeat of the village are dance and music.

DanceAfrica is an intergenerational celebration of the rich variety of dance forms from Africa and the diaspora. The Festival has also become a large and diverse community gathering—including films, visual art, dance workshops, the Memorial room, food and crafts at the Bazaar, and the amazing stage performances. It’s an invigorating annual celebration that launches the summer season in New York.

We are so grateful and exhilarated to welcome you back home to DanceAfrica at BAM. With your presence and voice, ‘Agoo! Amee!’ (loosely translated to “Are you listening? We are listening!”) will continue to echo all through DanceAfrica for many years to come.

Peace, Love, Respect for Everybody,
Coco Killingsworth
Vice President of Creative Social Impact
About the Show/Artist's Note
Peace and Blessings Family,

Dr. Charles R. Davis—affectionately known as Baba Chuck—was the visionary founder of the DanceAfrica Festival at BAM in 1977. The festival’s origins came from the passion, research, and creativity of African-American artists and their companies from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. DanceAfrica, at its inception almost four and a half decades ago, was truly a homegrown experience right here in New York. This initial festival honored and celebrated the legacies of Africa and its diaspora through the artistic voices of African-American and Afro-Caribbean peoples.

Now, in the festival’s 45th year, many of the children are adults and the adults are elders of the original dance companies. They continue to honor and uplift the legacy of traditional and contemporary Africa and its diaspora through the performing arts, arts education, community engagement, talents, and visions of African-American and Caribbean creative peoples.

Over the years, DanceAfrica grew into a national and international festival bringing artists and companies from the continent of Africa and its diaspora to connect with audiences from all over the world. In 2021, DanceAfrica received the Bessie award for Outstanding Service to the Field of Dance. This year we celebrate and exalt our ancestors and our elders as we pay special tribute to the companies of DanceAfrica’s first decade. In keeping with the celebration of the next generation, we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Restoration Youth Arts in the festival. Our Homegrown experience features Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater and BAM RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble from Brooklyn; Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa from Washington, DC; Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble and Harambee Dance Company from the Bronx; Harlem’s LaRocque Bey School of Dance; and DanceAfrica’s very own Spirit Walkers.

Health, Prosperity, and the Blessing of our Ancestors,

Baba Abdel R. Salaam

Prologue: The Procession
Featuring Council of Elders and BAM RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble

Memorial: Suite Homage
DanceAfrica Spirit Walkers
I. JOYFUL REVERENCE (2022) (World Premier)
II. LIBATION (Video) (2021)
III. TERRESTRIAL WOMBS (1997) (Season Premier)

Black Cultured & Beautiful
LaRocque Bey School of Dance

- Intermission -


Arkestra Afrika
Arkestra Afrika brings together the musicians of all five companies to express the various cultures of the African diaspora.

Footprints in Rhythm
Footprints in Rhythm is a medley of homegrown works inspired by various vernacular dance, music and rhythms of African American and West African peoples, performed by each of this year’s featured companies.

I. A Moment in Time by Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble
II. We Are the Culture (excerpt) by Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater
III. Mendiani: Girlhood to Womanhood by Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa
IV. Rise (excerpt) by Harambee Dance Company
V. A Question of Modesty by BAM RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble

Footprints in Rhythm musical interludes performed by Famoro Diabate, Kevin Nathaniel Hylton and Lesina Martin, and Salieu Suso.

Council of Elders

Mama Kumali Abramson

Baba Lee Abramson

Mama Peggy Alston

Baba Timeke AmenRa

Mama Carole Awolowo

Baba Yomi Awolowo

Mama Denise Tima Fann Baker

Mama Aissatou Bey-Grecia

Mama Sandra Burton

Baba Neil C. Clarke

Mama Alice Dinzulu

Mama Patricia Dye-Asante

Mama Rahkiah Eason

Mama Linda Evans

Mama Doris Green

Baba Nathaniel Boyd Hakika

Sister Hanan Hameen

Mama Akua N. Ishangi

Mama Jacqueline Coban Martin

Baba William Matthews

Mama Amma Wiles McKenn

Mama Amy Olatunji

Mama Amma Oloriwaa Bernard

Mama Andara Koumba Rahman Ndiaye

Baba Obara Wali Rahman Ndaiye

Mama Patricia Ghizamboule Robinson

Mama Esmerelda Simmons, Esq.

Mama Lynette White-Mathews

Council of Elders—In Memoriam

BAM RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble

DanceAfrica, Dance Director: Karen Thornton

Rehearsal Director: Ferrin Coleman

Musical Director: Rasaan-Elijah "Talu" Green

The Company


Jonell Ashby

Kayla Davis

Skyler Dias

Wynter Dias

Xavia Edghill

Daniel Forbes

Leah-Grace Johnson

Damaris Jordan

Nathaniel Paisley

Jaya Pascal-Charles

Atiya Pope

Dayanara Reyes

Alanna Robinson

Alexzandrya Robinson

Aaomi Sailing

Hadassah Samuel

Akilah Turner

Sanai Warren


Fara Camara

Nyemba Seales

Act I: “Prologue: The Procession”

Choreography by Karen Thornton

Costumes by Hopi Lynn Burrows

Memorial Candle Bearer

Timothy Bishop

Act II: “A Question of Modesty”

Choreography by Abdel R. Salaam

Music by Kofi Osei Williams, Abdel R. Salaam and Kweku Sumbry

Costumes by Hopi Lynn Burrows

“A Question of Modesty” is an excerpt of the piece Eclipse: Visions of the Crescent and the Cross, funded by the New England Foundation of the Arts

DanceAfrica Spirit Walkers

Artistic Director: Abdel R. Salaam

Assistant to Artistic Director: Dyane Harvey

Rehearsal Director: Ferrin Coleman

Dance Captains: Cimone Graves and Fritzlyn Hector

The Company

Kourtney-Cymone Charles

Ferrin Coleman

Omari Contaste

Crystal Craigen

Daaimah Taalib Din

Jude Evans

Kenya Joy Gibson

Cimone Graves

Thea Grier

Dyane Harvey

Fritzlyn Hector

Jason Herbert

Paris Jones

Ashley Mingot

Maika Morin

Jasmine Poole

Shawndele Stafford

Tricia M Taitt

Rhapsody Taylor

Keith G Tolbert ll

L Woods

DanceAfrica Spirit Walkers is a division of Forces of Nature Dance Theatre

“Memorial: Suite Homage”

Choreography: Abdel R. Salaam

Lighting: Al Crawford

Sound Design: David Lawson

Music: Tunde Jegede, Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba

Set Design: Valerie Maynard and Abdel R. Salaam

Costume Design: Hopi Lynn Burrows, Abdel R. Salaam and Helen Simmons

Video Production: Ariyan Johnson

Musical Direction: Abdel R. Salaam

Libation text written by: Smst Olabamidele Hart Husbands

Supervisor of Wardrobe and Properties: Eugene Niles

Additional choreography by Keith Tolbert, Rhapsody Taylor and Fritzlyn Hector

I. “JOYFUL REVERENCE” (2022) (World Premier)

II. “LIBATION” (Video) (2021)

Spiritual oceanic offering by : Smst Olabamidele Hart Husbands

III. “TERRESTRIAL WOMBS” (1997) (Season Premier)

Since the dawn of an age when the moon and time were one, the oceans, seas, lakes and

rivers have been known by artists and scientists, poets and priests alike as symbols of the wombs of life on earth. From their watery matrix sprang forth many of the myths, manifestations, legends, and womb-manifestations of creation. “TERRESTRIAL WOMBS” embraces the essences of Her power, fluidity and grace as “She,” our Great Mother, sources us with the rhythms, currents and cycles of being. —ARS


Donald Eaton

Jerome Hunter

Abdel R. Salaam

Kweku Sumbry

Kofi Osei Williams

Kofi Ose Williams courtesy of Asase Yaa African America Dance Theater, Kweku Sumbry

courtesy of Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa, Jerome Hunter courtesy of LaRocque Bey School of Dance

LaRocque Bey School of Dance Theater

Artistic Director: Brother Jerome Hunter

The Company


Alexis Allen

Dashawn Boykin

Theresa Capers

Leah DeAbreu

Shauna Gadsen

Aisha Hawkins

Paris Jeffries

Kiara Lee

Jasmine McFarlane

Negesti Mcintosh

Melinda Mickens

Thomas Mitchell

Atrese Reid

Jasmine Swain

Kalima Walker

Sarauniya Zulu


Pauli Harris

Tony Harris

Courtnee Roze

Mamoudou Konate Simbo

“Black Cultured & Beautiful”

Costumes by Brother Jerome Hunter and Jeannie Mitchell

Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble

Artistic Director: Jewel Love

Founder: Joseph Barnes

Musical Director: Adewole Love

Assistant Artistic Director: Noelani Love

Assistant Musical Director: Jean Lemke Charlot

Dance Captain: Joy Richardson

The Company

Alisha Anderson

Ritchy Asamani

Precious T. Bonaparte

Jean Lemeke Charlot

Maya Doyle

Toyia Ford

Menherit Goodwyn

Rasaan-Elijah "Talu" Green

Matthew Hill

Desmond Howard

Francie Johnson

Khary Kamau

Tearra Moore

Anandi Nesby

Gabriel Roxbury

Mahdu Siddappa

Michele Stafford

Guest artist

Vadou Diamode

“A Moment in Time”

Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater

Artistic Director: Yao Ababio

Executive Director: Kofi Osei Williams

The Company


Afua Ababio

Fabiola Ababio

Naa Ayele Ababio

Lusaset Bakr

Natasha Diaz

Ndack Fleming

Zakiya Harris

Nyomi Hinds

Jackie Holmes

Maimouna Kane

Mesha Millington

Kaleeba Moore

Imani Nzingha

Rubie Inez Williams

Dina Wright-Joeseph


Oseku Ababio

Yao Ababio

Alseny Bangoura

Abou Camara

Sayo Camara

Ayanda Clarke

Famoro Diabate

Mamadou Kouyate

Kwesi Nkroma

Gene Osbourne

Kofi Osei Williams

“We Are the Culture” (excerpt)

Costumes by Lusaset Bakr

Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa

Founder and Artistic Director: Mahiri Keita

Director and choreographer: Lesina Martin

Musical Directors: Agyei Keita and Kweku Sumbry

Manager: Diallo Sumbry

The Company

Dancers and vocalists

Abena Crittendon

Mikalah Davis

Leilani Gill

Yaminah Gill

Giovanni Goss

Jalia-Ochina Inman

Lesina Martin


Yao Akoto

Asante Amin

Sanu Basu

Jabulani Clay

Hampton Couser

Jamal Dickerson

Giveton Gelin

Wayne Goss Jr.

Agyei Keita-Edwards

Mahiri Keita-Edwards

Adrian Somerville

Kweku Sumbry

Zion E. Utsey

Kalia Vandever

“Mendiani: Girlhood to Womanhood”

Costumes by Lesina Martin and Leilani Gill

Harambee Dance Company

Artistic Director: Sandella Malloy

Executive Director: Frank W Malloy III

Musical Director: Frank W Malloy IV

The Company

Alisha Anderson

Annelise Berthelot

Jahbri Black

Jakeme Jamar Clark

Akinyomi Ajagun Kazmende Courtney

Chelcie Jacobs

Eddie Jones

Imani Junai

Fred Kelly

Ayanfe Kemit

Stephan Litzey

Sandella Malloy

Frank W Malloy III

Frank W Malloy IV

Linea McDonald

Joneice Monk

Tearra Moore

Hasina Murphy

Shurla Nelson

Constance Nicolas Vellozzi

Teana White

Nao Yamada

“Rise” (excerpt)

Choreographer: Sandella Malloy

Assistant Choreographer: Linae McDonald

Musical Arrangement: Frank Malloy IV

Costumes by Shaunta Peeples and Sandella Malloy

Performed by the company


Linae McDonald


Original songs performed by ADH: Jonathan B Williams and Clayton Macintyre

“Blackbird” by Nina Simone sung by Imani junai

Who's Who
Chuck Davis (1937—2017) (artistic director emeritus and founding Elder) was one of the foremost, beloved teachers and choreographers of traditional African dance in America. He traveled extensively in Africa and the diaspora to study with leading African artists. Davis founded the Chuck Davis Dance Company in New York City in 1968 and the African American Dance Ensemble in Durham, NC in 1983. He founded DanceAfrica at BAM in 1977, where it has become the longest-running series; it expanded to other cities. He served on many distinguished panels and received numerous awards and accolades, including honorary doctorates. In 2010, the St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation founded the GlaxoSmithKline Charles “Chuck” Davis Endowment, and BAM established the Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellowship in 2015. His archives are held at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

Abdel R. Salaam (artistic director) is the artistic director of DanceAfrica and executive artistic director/co-founder of Forces of Nature Dance Theatre founded in 1981. Born in Harlem, NY, Salaam is a critically-acclaimed choreographer and has served as a dancer, teacher, and performer on five continents throughout his 51-year career. He has received numerous awards and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, New England Foundation on the Arts, BAM, New York Foundation for the Arts, New York State Council for Arts, National Council for Arts and Culture, Herbert H. Lehman College and a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production for DanceAfrica in 2017. He and his company received the 2013 Audelco Award for Dance Company of the Year. He has served as a choreographer and/or director for the New York Shakespeare Festival, Billie Holiday Theater, The Apollo Theater, The Winter Solstice at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York Musical Theater Festival, BAM, Black Dance USA, and Tennessee Performing Arts Festival. Some of his specific commercial credits in theater, film, and TV include Measure for Measure, New York Shakespeare Festival (choreographer); and the Emmy Award-winning documentary Free to Dance, PBS Channel 13 (choreographer); and Black Nativity, Fox Searchlight Films (performer). Salaam has created ballets for Philadanco, Joan Miller Chamber Arts/ Dance Players, Chuck Davis Dance Company, Union Dance Theater (London), Ballet Islenos (Puerto Rico), Sakoba Dance Theater (London), Muntu Dance Theater, Nashville Ballet, African American Dance Ensemble, and Gywa Maten. He has served on the faculties of the American Dance Festivals in the US and Seoul, Korea, Herbert H. Lehman College, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Restoration Youth Arts Academy, and Harlem Children’s Zone. During the pandemic, Mr. Salaam produced, directed, and choreographed two dance films for the Apollo Theater (’20, ’21) as well as, in 2021, DanceAfrica’s first virtual film: Vwa zanset yo: y’ap pale, n’ap danse! In that same year, DanceAfrica received the 2021 Bessie Award for Outstanding Service to the Field of Dance.

Al Crawford (lighting design) is a NYC based lighting artist. He currently serves as the General Manager of City Theatrical, Inc the world’s prominent manufacturer of bespoke lighting products and accessories. Al was the Lighting Director of the world renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for 25 years. While with the Company he produced the lighting for Ailey in virtually every major theater, performing arts center and opera house on the planet having toured to 48 states and over 60 countries including historically significant performances in Russia, China and South Africa. Al has had the opportunity to work directly with many important choreographers in the dance world including Judith Jamison, Robert Battle, Garth Fagan, Matthew Rushing, Ron Brown, George Faison, Mark Dendy, Trey McIntyre, Christopher Huggins, Hope Boykin, Osnel Delgado, Jeanguy Saintus and many others. He has designed 18 new works for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and 12 for Ailey II. A huge believer in cross genre design, Al founded Arc3design, a lighting design group dedicated to merging his theatrical aesthetic into all areas of art, architecture, dance, live music, theater, broadcast, and live event production. Arc3design creates the lighting for over 100 projects annually. Recent projects include Pip’s Island off-Broadway, architectural installations at New York Central Synagogue, new ballets for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Haiti’s Ayikodans, and Cuba’s Malpaso Dance Company, multiple state dinners for the White House, Cedar Point’s multimillion dollar light show Luminosity, Sea World’s Electric Ocean, a variety of shows for Holland America and Azamara Cruise Lines, Madison Square Garden Sports Entertainment, and brand events for Spotify, Google, You Tube, Samsung, Intel, Dom Perignon, and Lamborghini.

Al has served on the Board of Directors of the Gilbert Hemsley Lighting Programs and the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He currently serves on the advisory board of the Studio School of Design and has had the opportunity to speak to students at universities around the country, at the United States Institute for Theater Technology Conference (USITT), Live Design International (LDI), the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas and was a keynote speaker at the Electronic Theater Controls CUE conference in Madison, WI.

Al has been awarded the Knight of Illumination Award, considered globally to be one of the top achievements in Lighting Design, and has been named one of the top 1000 event professionals by BizBash magazine. He is a member of United Scenic Artists (USA-829) and the International Alliance for Theatrical Stage Employees (Local 635). He is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

David Margolin Lawson (sound design) is a New York-based sound designer, composer, and recording engineer. He has worked with, recorded, and designed for many New York area performing arts organizations including: Abdel R. Salaam’s Forces of Nature Dance Theatre, Brooklyn Academy of Arts (BAM), La Mama, E. T. C., The Juilliard School, The Public Theater, The Signature Theater, UP Theater Company, HERE Arts Center, The New School, The Blanco Dances, Gerald Thomas’ Dry Opera Company, The Joffrey Ballet, Capital Repertory Theater, Two Rivers Theater, Hartford Stage, Repertorio Español, Urban Stages, Intar, and others. Recent works include the Neuma Records release of SIGNALS. Nearly an hour of new, electronic instrumental music co-composed with David Merrill ( David has been a faculty member at Pace University since 2011 where he teaches courses in Theatrical Sound Design.

Kristin Colvin Young (production stage manager) is honored to be a part of DanceAfrica 2022. Kristin is the Production Stage Manager for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and celebrates her 23rd season with the company. She has also stage managed for Parsons Dance Company (1997—2000) and was a founding member of Battleworks Dance Company in 2002. Starting her career at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 1997, Young had the pleasure of working with companies such as Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Mark Morris Dance Group, STREB, and Stockholm/59˚. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a BA in dance and sociology, Young frequently lectures at colleges and universities encouraging the next generation of stage managers.

N’Goma Woolbright (stage manager) is a native of Jacksonville, FL. He began his career as a stage manager in 1968 with the Chuck Davis Company, where he later became technical director. He has worked with several dance companies in and around New York City. Until recently, he was the technical director for the Forces of Nature. Woolbright’s credits include Lyon and the Jewel, Frankenstein’s Rib, The Greatest of All Time, and Muhammed Wait for Me. He has been stage manager for DanceAfrica since its inception in 1977.

Normadien Woolbright (assistant stage manager) is a graduate of the Performing Arts High School, holds a BA in dance education from Lehman College, and studied with Chuck Davis beginning as a teenager. She became artistic director of the Chuck Davis Dance Company when Davis relocated to Durham, NC in 1989. She now serves as road manager and director of educational projects for the African American Dance Ensemble. She remains active in the field of dancing through teaching, performing, and participating in school residencies.

Kori Broadnax (assistant stage manager) is a proud native of Harlem, NY. She was first introduced to stage management while studying Musical Theatre at Talent Unlimited High School. Her journey in theatrical production continued at SUNY Purchase where she earned a BFA in Stage Management. While in school, Kori had the opportunity to intern at award-winning Regional Theatre Papermill Playhouse, as well as work for various theatres and production companies including the 92Y & Production Glue. Since graduating, Kori has fully dived into production, working on shows like David Byrne’s American Utopia and Slave Play on Broadway. In her personal life, Kori is an avid DIY-er, and restaurant-goer. She loves planning/taking trips with friends and family, and is ALWAYS down to eat, just ask her yourself. Kori is beyond excited to join #BAM for their annual Dance Africa Festival!

Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater
Artistic Director Yao Ababio set out to establish a Brooklyn-based arts institution steeped in African philosophical values and authentic creative expressions, one that would play a critical role in bridging existing cultural gaps between Africa, the Caribbean, and the US. Under his leadership, the company has distinguished itself in the dance and drum world for its dynamic, high-energy performances and commitment to excellence and discipline. They have produced more than 17 concerts, including Djembe in the New Millennium, An Ananse Tale, and Africa, A Journey in Dance.

Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa
This professional West African percussion orchestra and dance troupe is dedicated to maintaining the history and integrity of traditional African music and dance. Under the tutelage of renowned artists like Mamady Keita, Famadou Konate, and Djimo Kouyate, the company seeks to sustain the work initiated by these legends through professionalism, artistry, continual learning, and proactive intergenerational transmission of African culture through music and movement. Founded in 2004 by Mahiri F. Keita, Farafina Kan: The Sound of Africa is now under the direction of Mahiri’s son, Agyei Keita, and nephew, Kweku Sumbry.

Harambee Dance Company
In Swahili, harambee means “let us pull together.” Harambee Dance Company pulls together the essence of African and African-American dance and music, presenting it from an innovative and exciting new contemporary perspective. Artistic Director and resident choreographer Sandella Malloy has developed a high-energy repertoire that draws on African-based movement, modern dance forms, live percussion, original music, and vibrant costumes to create captivating performances reflecting the majesty of the African diaspora.

Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble
The mission of the Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble is to educate and preserve through music and dance the Black aesthetic, from its beginning in Africa to the present day and beyond. The groups aims to instill traditional African cultural values while bridging the cultural gap between people of all backgrounds and generations. This unique company of “edutainers” has dazzled audiences throughout the US, performing challenging repertoires from West Africa, Central Africa, and Cuba.The company’s energy and creative versatility engages audiences and allows each individual to become one with this experience.

LaRocque Bey School of Dance
Established by the late LaRocque Bey in the Harlem community in 1960, when it offered classes in traditional African dance for as little as 25 cents, the LaRocque Bey School of Dance is the oldest African dance school in the US. Today, under the direction of Brother Jerome Hunter, the school continues to provide cultural enrichment and affordable dance, fitness, and drum classes to both economically disadvantaged and advantaged communities. It has taught well over 15,000 students and worked with artists including Duke Ellington, Otis Redding, Debbie Allen, George Clinton, Phylicia Rashad, Savion Glover, and more.

DanceAfrica Spirit Walkers
The DanceAfrica Spirit Walkers were founded by Baba Abdel R. Salaam in 2016 to theatrically honor the ancestors of Africa and its diaspora through the annual DanceAfrica Memorial Tribute, originally developed by the late Baba Chuck Davis. The group comprises professional dance artists and musicians from the RestorationArt alumni and Forces of Nature Dance Theatre, melding African vernacular forms, modern, hip-hop, and contemporary dance.

BAM RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble
This DanceAfrica favorite returns to the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House for the 25th year. The ensemble serves as a symbol of youth involvement in the preservation of African heritage, celebrating both ancestral roots and the modern-day community.
DanceAfrica Homegrown Awards
For Their Outstanding Achievement and Contribution in The Fields Dance And Music Of Africa And The African Diaspora

Chuck Davis Dance Company
Arthur Hall’s Afro-African American Dance Ensemble
Charles Moore Dance Theatre
Dinizulu and his African Dancers, Drummers and Singers
International Afrikan-American Ballet

For Their Outstanding Achievement and Contribution In The Fields Of Dance And Music Of Africa And The African Diaspora

Welcome Msomi's Izulu Dance Theatre
Women Of The Calabash
Ko-Thi Dance Company
A Touch Of Folklore And More
The Art Of Black Dance And Music
The Bernice Johnson Dance Company
Melvin Deal’s African Heritage Society
Loremil Machado’s Afro-Brazilian Dance Company
Muntu Dance Theatre
Calabash Dance Theatre
Little Black Heritage Dancers
Sabar Ak Ru Afriq
Garth Fagan’s Bucket Dance Theatre
Kan Kouran Dance Company
Odadaa! Dance Company
Forces Of Nature Company

For Outstanding Service In The Field Of Stage Management

N’goma Woolbright And Normadien Gibson Woolbright

For Outstanding Service In Providing Exceptional Guidance To The Dance Africa Community

Council of Elders

John Yomi Yomi Robinson
Carole Robinson
Linda Evans
Jacqueline Coban-Martin
Luther Sulaimaan Wilson
Lynette Onika White

For 25 Years Of Outstanding Performance And Youth Empowerment In Dance

RestorationArt Dance Youth Ensemble

For 20 Years Of Outstanding Performance And Youth Empowerment In Dance

Artistic Director; Karen Thornton

For Outstanding Contribution To Maintaining The Legacy Of African Dance And Rhythm Through “ Greennotation”

Dr. Doris Greene

For Outstanding To The Community Through Cooperative Economics And The DanceAfrica Bazaar

Dewonnie Frederick
Memorial Candle Bearers
Zakiya Atkinson
Timothy Bishop
DeAngelo Blanchard
Edwin Brathwaite
Mama Patricia Dye-Asante
Sister Hanan Hameen
Iya Arisa Ingram
Francie Johnson
Carol Lonnie
Rev. Eyesha Marable
Reina Pelle
Alycia Perrin
Susan Pope
John Scutchins
Aisha Starr
Monique Walker

Council of Elders—In Memoriam
Mama Hajjah Rahkiah Abdurahman
Baba Hajji Bilal Abdurahman
Mama Barbara Bey
Baba Chief Bey
Mama Marie Brooks
Mama Adwoa Brown
Baba Walter P. Brown
Baba Chuck Davis
Nana Opare Yao Dinizulu
Baba Bill Grant
Baba Kwame Ishangi
Baba Montego Joe
Baba William Jones
Mama Winnie Mandela
Mama Sara McGee
Papa Scuddie McGee
Mama Katunge Mimy
Baba Mzee Moyo
Baba Joe Nash
Mama Madelyn Yayadole Nelson
Baba Michael Babatunde Olatunji
Mama Pearl Primus
Mama Mary Robinson
Baba Luther Suliamann Wilson
Mama Mary Umolu
Mama Elsie Washington
Mama Pearl White

A full list of DanceAfrica remembrances is located in the Memorial Room

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Spring Season Supporters
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Major support for Cyrano de Bergerac provided by The Richenthal Foundation

Major support for female creators in the Spring 2022 Season provided by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

Major support for BAM’s programming and initiatives provided by: Andrea Bozzo & John Martinez; Compass; Cheryl & Joe Della Rosa; Mark Diker & Deborah Colson; The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation; Steven & Susan Felsher; Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman; Gotham Organization, Inc.; Stephanie & Timothy Ingrassia; The Lepercq Charitable Foundation; Scott C. McDonald; James I. McLaren & Lawton W. Fitt; The Ambrose Monell Foundation; Barbara & Richard Moore; Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc; Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation; The Jerome Robbins Foundation, Inc.; The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund; Dr. Sheila A. Cain & Bart Sheehan; Brian Stafford & Céline Dufétel; Starry Night Fund; Doug C. Steiner; Joseph A. Stern; and Epstein Teicher Philanthropies

Additional support for Cyrano de Bergerac provided by the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation

Additional support for BAM’s programming and initiatives provided by: Tony Bechara; Citi; Barbara Haws & William Josephson; Ann Tenenbaum & Thomas Lee; David & Susan Marcinek; MetLife Foundation; Morgan Stanley; National Grid; The Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater; Gabriel & Lindsay Pizzi; Marcel Przymusinski; Bette & Richard Saltzman; and Edward & Virginia Spilka

BAM is a recipient of a U.S. Small Business Administration Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, made possible by the leadership of Senator Majority Leader Charles D. Schumer.

The BAM facilities are owned by the City of New York and benefit from public funds provided through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs with support from Mayor Eric Adams; the New York City Council including Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams, and the Brooklyn Delegation of the Council; and Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. BAM would also like to thank the Brooklyn Delegations of the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate, Assemblymember Phara Souffrant Forrest, and Senator Jabari Brisport.

Your tax dollars make BAM programs possible through funding from:
Annual Supporters
BAM is deeply grateful to all the supporters and patrons listed below for their vital gifts to BAM over the last year.
$5,000,000 and above
The City of New York
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
U.S. Small Business Administration - Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Diane & Adam E. Max (in memoriam)
The Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust

$500,000 to $999,999
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Howard Gilman Foundation
Jerome L. Greene Foundation
The New York City Council—Brooklyn Delegation
The New York City Council—Laurie A. Cumbo
The New York City Council—Speaker Corey Johnson
The SHS Foundation
Estate of Ronald P. Stanton
The Thompson Family Foundation

$250,000 to $499,000
William I. Campbell & Christine Wächter-Campbell
Aashish & Dinyar Devitre
Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
Ford Foundation
The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 to $249,999
Booth Ferris Foundation
Charina Endowment Fund
Cowen Inc.
Cheryl & Joe Della Rosa
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Roberta Garza & Roberto Mendoza
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
Anne Hubbard & Harvey Schwartz
Alex Katz Foundation
Robin & Edgar Lampert
Leon Levy Foundation
Toby Devan Lewis
New York State Council on the Arts
The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Jennifer Small & Adam Wolfensohn
Starry Night Fund
Axel Stawski & Galia Meiri Stawski
Robert L. Turner
John L. & Eva Usdan
Nora Ann Wallace & Jack Nusbaum (in memoriam)

$50,000 to $99,999
Arthur F. & Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation
Jonathan & Jessika Auerbach
Andrea Bozzo & John Martinez
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation
Con Edison
Constans Culver Foundation
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Mark Diker & Deborah Colson
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
The FAR Fund
Steven & Susan Felsher
Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman
Gotham Organization, Inc.
Agnes Gund
Stephanie & Timothy Ingrassia
The Emily Davie & Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation
The Lepercq Charitable Foundation
Scott C. McDonald
James I. McLaren & Lawton W. Fitt
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Barbara & Richard Moore
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
The Jerome Robbins Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Sheila A. Cain & Bart Sheehan
Edward & Virginia Spilka
Brian Stafford & Céline Dufétel
Doug C. Steiner
Joseph A. Stern
Tiger Baron Foundation
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation
John & Barbara Vogelstein
Joseph LeRoy & Ann C. Warner Fund
Anonymous (2)

$25,000 to $49,999
American Express
Jody & John Arnhold
Anne H. Bass Foundation
Tony Bechara
Elizabeth De Cuevas
Barbara Haws & William Josephson
M&T Bank
David & Susan Marcinek
National Grid
MetLife Foundation
Laura Taft and the Paulsen Family Foundation
Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater
Gabriel & Lindsay Pizzi
Marcel Przymusinski
Frances A. Resheske
Richenthal Foundation
William D. & Susan Kahan Rifkin
Jonathan F.P. & Diana Calthorpe Rose
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
Bette & Richard Saltzman
Anna Kuzmik Sampas & George Sampas
The Scherman Foundation, Inc.
Tim & Julie Sebunya
Evelyn Sharp Foundation
Sidley Austin LLP
Ellen & Sam Sporn
William & Anne M. Tatlock
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Anonymous (3)

$10,000 to $24,999
Ameriprise Financial
Allan Arffa & Kay Matschullat
David Ashen
Anne-Victoire Auriault
Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation
The Howard Bayne Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bowe
Barbara & Christopher Brody
Brooklyn Borough President—Eric L. Adams
Constance Christensen
Emme & Jonathan Deland and Phyllis Levin
Elizabeth & Matthew Denys
Joseph & Diana DiMenna
Ingrid Ellen
Estate Of Joseph Merz
Fribourg Family Foundation
MaryAnne Gilmartin
Elaine Golin
David & Elaine Gould
Pamela Grace
The Marc Haas Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Burton K. Haimes
The Francena T. Harrison Foundation Trust
Cheryl Henson & Ed Finn
Wendy vanden Heuvel
The DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund
Alan Jones & Ashley Garrett
Susan Kane
Miriam Katowitz
Gene & Terry Kaufman
Alexander E. Kipka & Katherine Nintzel
Joan Kreiss
Eileen M. Lach
Dominique Levy
The Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation
John Lipsky
Gary Lynch & Kate Hall
Rebecca McBride & Ariella Ben-Dov
Constance & H. Roemer McPhee
Edward S. Moore Foundation
Morgan Stanley
John Morning
Darnell-Moser Charitable Fund
Sanford Nager & Monique Allain
Laura Naylor
Peck Stacpoole Foundation
Patty Dugan Perlmuth
Pfizer Inc.
The Quebec Government Office in New York
Katharine Rayner
Jonathan Rozoff
Samuel & Karen Seymour
Amy Sherman-Palladino
Susan & Larry Sills
In Memory of Robert Sklar
The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
Carol Tolan
Jane & Robert Toll
Shefali Trivedi & Daniel Slotwiner
Trust for Mutual Understanding
Leigh & Robin Walters
Emma Walton & Jesse Shapell
The Wasily Family Foundation, Inc.
The Levy-Westhead Family
White & Case LLP
James Wilentz & Robin Maxwell
The Winston Foundation, Inc.
Carol Yorke & Gerard Conn
Pia & Jimmy Zankel
Anonymous (5)

$5,000 to $9,999
Jad Abumrad & Karla Murthy
Theresa Galvin & Mark Almeida
James B. Anderson & Dror Katzir
Peter Balis & Brian Goldston
Nathaniel Beck & Karen Hackett
Alan L. Beller
Barbara Berliner & Sol Rymer
Elaine S. Bernstein
Paula & Earl Black
Annie & Jim Bodnar
Sandra Brinkert
Jesse Burros & Jill Weiskopf
Canadian Consulate General in New York City
Marvin Charles
Beverly & Herbert Chase
Sherene Clayton
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.
The Cowles Charitable Trust
Allison Cromwell & Craig Falls
Kristina & Paul Dalio
Joan K. Davidson (The J.M. Kaplan Fund)
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Violet & Christopher Eagan
Henry & Kathy Elsesser
Carla Emil & Rich Silverstein
Melina Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Austin T. Fragomen, Jr.
Laurie Garrett
Nomi Ghez Foundation
David & Susie Gilbert
John N. & Gillett A. Gilbert
Parisa Golestaneh
Sonia & John Hamstra
Scott & Ellen Hand
The Jim Henson Foundation
Penn & Diane Holsenbeck
Scott & Victoria Irwin
Mark Jackson & Karen Hagberg
Will & Prattana Kennedy
Helen Kim-Bordes
Christoph & Flora Kimmich
David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation
Solange Landau
Matthew & Sabrina Leblanc
Jonathan E. Lehman
Garrick Leonard & Leslie Feder
Andrea Lipsky-Karasz
Mr. Reed Lowenstein & Dr. Melanie Hanan
Anne Mackinnon
Richard & Ronay Menschel
Claudine & Aeric Meredith-Goujon
Josh & Valerie Miller
Louis Mintz & Beverly Crilly
Max Nicholas
Carla & Ryan Norris
Novack Family Foundation
The O'Grady Foundation
Adam H. Offenhartz
Diana & Gene Pinover
Maisie Rubinstein
Thomas & Georgina Russo
S&P Global
Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
Lynn C. Schneider
Amy W. Schulman & David E. Nachman
Vivien & Michael Shelanski
Mike & Janet Slosberg
Brian Snyder
Michael Sonnenfeldt & Katja Goldman
Melissa Schiff Soros
Tom & Wendy Stephenson
Michael & Marjorie Stern
Stop & Stor Charitable Fund
The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation
Diane & Tom Tuft
Vanetta Vancak
Patricia Voight & Rachel Wolff
Iva Vukina
Nathaniel White
Francis H. Williams
Carolyn T. Ellis & H. Lake Wise
Johanna L. Wolfe
Jacqueline Woodson & Juliet Widoff
Richard C. Yancey
Cynthia Young & George Eberstadt
Nancy Young
Anonymous (2)

$2,500 to $4,999
Jacqueline & Joseph Aguanno
The American Chai Trust
JJ & Michelle Berney
Jill & Sheldon Bonovitz
Brinkert Brown
Sabina Daley Deaton & Adam Deaton
Mrs. Sarah K. Erlij
Joan Salwen Fields
Susan & Michael Furman
Gregory Gilmartin
Anna & Raja Harb
The William Talbott Hillman Foundation
Elizabeth Holtzman
Sophie Hughes
Douglas Jaffe & Kristin Heavey
Tara Kelleher & Roy Zuckerberg
Alan & Susan Kolod
Bill Kramer & Peter Cipkowski
Rob Krulak
The Krumholz Foundation
Marion Leydier
Lithuanian Foundation, Inc.
Anne Maltz
Marsha & Darcy Miro
Pamela & Edward Pantzer
Elaine J. Pommells
Peter & Susan Restler
Elizabeth L. Schneider
Joan & Laurence Sorkin
Annaliese Soros
Josephine & Philip Teverow
Danielle Durchslag & Aamir Wyne Esq.
Michael Young & Debra Raskin
Matthew & Myra Zuckerbraun

$1,500 to $2,499
Robert & Mary Beth Aberlin
Nora Abousteit & Joshua Ramo
Naji Abumrad
Caroline P. Addison
Kelly Adelia
Lindsey Adelman
Alexander C. & Tillie S. Speyer Foundation
Keira Alexandra
Ella Almodovar & Jacqueline Bacchus
The American-Scandinavian Foundation
Anderson Fund Foundation
Linda Andrei
Matthew & Krista Annenberg
Stephanie Ansin & Spencer Stewart
Frank & Mary Ann Arisman
Dymir Arthur
S. J. Avery
Ajay & Sonya Ayyappan
Denis Azaro
Joshua Backer & Callie Schweitzer
Stephen & Ellie Backer
Neal Baer
Joseph Baio
Carla K. Balakgie
Daniel Baldini
Andrea Barbieri
Hugo Barreca & Wendy Schlemm
Ms. Monica Barrett & Ms. Alexis Frazier
Jeffrey Bauman
Martine Beamon & Eddie Joyce
Carol & Chris Beemer
Denise Bernardo & Eddie Muentes
Thérèse D. Bernbach
Stephen Bernstein
Karen Binder & Victor Ney
Sunil Savkar & Stefanie Birkmann
Dr. David Biro
Jeffrey B. Bishop & Jill Baker
Patricia Blanchet
Molly & Tom Boast
Charles & Ellen Bock
Mr. & Mrs. James Bodovitz
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Borer
Hawes and Ambriel Bostic
Samy Brahimy & Lizanne Merrill
Dominique Bravo & Eric Sloan
Vida & Patrick Brett
Sally Brody
Virginia Brody
John & Michelle Brooks
Andrew Brown & Olga P. Stein
Geraldine Buchanan
Angela Bucknell
Andrew Bulger
Dennine Bullard
Mary Burnham
Laura E. Butzel & David Berg
Karina Byrne
William & Regina Cahill
Sol W. & Hermina Cantor Foundation
Charles Carberry
Amy Carlson & Syd Butler
Elizabeth & John Caulk
Megan Cayler
Joyce E. Chelberg
Jaye Chen & Peter Brown
Neil & Kathleen Chrisman
Jennifer Chu
Kerri Chyka & Samuel Bufter
Lisa M. Cirando
Geoffrey E. Clark, M.D.
Anne Coffey
Michael Colacino
William & Marjorie Coleman
John & Catherine Colton
Andrea Compton
Lois Conway
Ranny Cooper & David Smith
Breukelein Institute/Dennis Corrado
Peter & Mary Coy
Stuart D. Freedman & Carla E. Craig
Cedomir Crnkovic & Valerie Rubsamen
Spencer Cross
Sebastian Cucullu
Ellen & John Curtis
Maayan Dauber and Aryeh Falk
Donald Davis
Megan P. Davis
Rafael de Cardenas
DeLaCour Family Foundation
Susan Delaney
Nick Demos & Mary Snow
In memory of Michael Dennery
Martha DeRight & Erich Bechtel
Brooke Devine
Ritik Dholakia
Yrthya Dinzey-Flores & Antonino D'Ambrosio
Daniel & Alexis DiPietro
Lynn Dolnick
Miriam Donoho
Andrew Duchi
Gwendolyn & Tony Dunaif
Sarah & Alistair Dunn
Lisabeth During & Ross Poole
Atiba T. Edwards
Suzan & Fred Ehrman
Marty Ellington
Dwight W. & Ann C. Ellis
Mary Elmer-Dewitt
Gail Erickson & Christa Rice
Martha Escobar
Peter & Joan Faber
Richard & Florence Fabricant
David Farer & Elisa King
Robert Farrior
Thomas Faust
Anna May Feige
Michael & Nancy Feller
Nathaniel N. Felsher
Robert Ferris & Adrienne Shumway
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Michael First & Leslee Snyder
Wendy Fisher & Linda Mirels
Brigid Flanagan
Arthur & Susan Fleischer
Jeff & Jenny Fleishhacker
Lauren Flicker Yap
Luke Flynn
Susan L. Foote & Stephen L. Feinberg
Alison Forner & Martha McBrayer
Seendy Fouron
M. Derene Frazier
Andrew Freireich & Tina Potter
Katherine Freygang
Alex Friedman & Erica Tennenbaum
Eleanor F. Friedman
Gideon Friedman & Rachael Bedard
Sarah Friedman & Paul Salama
Stephanie Fritz
Dennis Furbush
Treacy & Todd Gaffney
Donna Gagliuso
Duane McLaughlin & M. Salomé Galib
Al Garner
Richard & Jane Gartner
Dr. Peter L. Geller
Andra Georges & Timothy C. Shepard
Maxine Gerson
Lauren Ghaffari
Walter Gilbert
Taylor Gillhouse
Lauren C. Glant & Michael J. Gillespie
Kristin Booth Glen & Harold Edgar
Virginia Gliedman
Amy Glosser & Janno Lieber
Karen & Andrew Goldberg
Susan Goldberg & Simon Liu
Teresa Gonzalez
I. Michael Goodman & Judith Uman
Rhonna & Ezra Goodman
Bindhu Gopalan
Hayley Gorenberg & George Sands
Erwin Gorostiza
Crystal Gosberg
The Green-Wood Cemetery
Francis Greenburger & Isabelle Autones
Stephen R. Greenwald & Rebecca A. Sullivan
Peter Gregory
Mimi & Bill Grinker
Terry Grossman & Kathy Speer
Eileen Guggenheim
Vanessa Guida & Michael Mesina
William Haas
Helen & Peter Haje
Cynthia Hammond & Joseph Samulski
Jeanne Hardy
David Hariton & Thomas Lippy
Mangesh Hattikudur & Lizzie Jacobs
Justin Haythe
Seth Heald
Douglas & Jessica Healy
Diana Rhoten & John Heilemann
Heimbinder Family
Molly Heines & Thomas Moloney
Kris Heinzelman
Jeffery Hentze
Adam & Sita Hess
Adria & Donald Hillman
Barbara T. Hoffman
Lily & Joel Hoffman
Judith M. Hoffman
Frank Holozubiec
Yoomin Hong & David Werner-Sexton
David Horowitz
Mark Horowitz & Dorrine Veca
Katherine Hosford & Christopher Welch
David Howe & Charlene Wang
Timothy Hughes
Tom Huhn & Nancy Steele
Alan Hyde
Jan Inscho & Seymour Miles
Avi Israeli
Lois A. Jackson, D.D.S.
David & Amy Jaffe
Gregory James
Donna & Carroll Janis
Susan & Stephen Jeffries
Mr. & Mrs. Dudley D. Johnson
T. Radey Johnson & Jane Platt
Andrea Jolles
Randy & Mill Jonakait
Barbara Julius & Marc Silberberg
Ralph Julius & Ken Nelson
Peter Kaps
Susan M. Kath and Steven R. Schindler
Michael Kaye & Andrea Loukin
Philip Kearns & Sid Ray
Susan Kellman
Suzanne Greene & John Kelly
Chin Kim
Jenny Kirschner & Aari Kirschner
Heni Koenigsberg & Marc Plonskier
Eric & Sharone Komoroff
Bennette Kramer & Eliot Long
Joan Kronick
Kimberley Krueger
Roberta Krumholz
Judith & Douglas Krupp
Miodrag Kukrika
Robert Kulach
Edward & Phyllis Kwalwasser
Drs. Robert Langan & Sara L. Weber
Judith A. Langer
Robert S. Langley
Aimee Larkin
Drs. John & Judie LaRosa
Abdul-Rahman Lediju & Angela Nurse-Lediju
Helena Lee & Richard Klapper
Janice Lee & Stuart Shapiro
Michael Lee
Roseanne Legrand
Sue Lehmann
James Leitner & Tracy Higgins
Barbara Lemperly Grant
Andrew Levinson & Deborah Reik
Carol & Joel Levy
Richard Levy & Lorraine Gallard
Jeffrey Lewis & Karin Miller-Lewis
Jeff Lin
Ken Lindley & Clay Schudel
Emma Lindsay
Seen Lippert & Frederick Landman
Simon Lipskar & Lizzy Kramer
Neil & N. Lipuma
Tina Liu
Keith Lloyd
Dominick LoBraico
Cary & Jan Lochtenberg
Rachel Loeb & Zach Block
Matthew Lopez & Brandon Clarke
Richard Lynn & Joseph Evall
Jane & Bill Macan
Gina MacArthur
John MacIntosh & Anna Verdi
Dianne Mackenzie
Macro Sea Inc.
Edward Mafoud
Camila Pastor & Stephen Maharam
Brian & Florence Mahony
Nathalie Blachere & Robert Maki
George Mallis
Ronald Daignault & Teresa Maloney
Anthony Manheim
Andrea Marber
Barbara A. Marcus & Michael Pollack
Phillip Marriott & Susannah Taylor
James Marshall
John Marshall & Seriti Yamini
William Keith Marshall
Yadira Martinez
Nina Matis
Jerri & Tom Mayer
Peter & Denise McCormick
Joseph McDonagh
Kathryn A. McDonald
Emma McMahon
Me & Ro
Sharon & Curtis Mechling
Rachel Meidan
Molly Meloy
Danny & Audrey Meyer
Franny Milberg
Liza Velazquez & Timothy Milford
David & Judith Miller
Jeremy Miller & Terese Cunningham
Lewis Millholland
Iliana F. Mindlin
Sandra & Lowell Mintz
Claire Molloy & Seth Lloyd
Maria Montoya
Jason Moore
Peter & Anna Morissey
Kathy Morton & David Nadelman
Alexandra Munroe
Jim & Iris Munson
Niclas Nagler
Tanya Minhas-Nahem and Edward Nahem
Asha & DV Nayak
Julie Nettere
Melvin & Carol Newman
Rick Nitzberg
Marguerite Nougué-Sans
Michael Novodvorskiy
James C. & Marie Nugent-Head Marlas
Empire Educational Services
Daniel & Rebecca Okrent
Barry Michael Okun
Paul Oosterhuis
Bianca Maria Orlando & William McGinty
Jane Ormerod & Peter Darrell
Jon Otis
Meredith Palmer
Dr. & Mrs. Rudolph Palmer
Cheryl Paradis & Gene McCullough
Lee Parks
Estelle Parsons & Peter Zimroth
Kirk & Sue Patrick
Andrew Pinkowitz & Mary Pinkowitz
Jennifer Plotnick & Kent Rogowski
Anne Pollack
Daniel Porter & Melanie Judd
Michael Pride
Sandra Pierson Prior
Nadezhda Pryadko & Matthew Daniel
Rajika & Anupam Puri
Leslie & David Puth
Maureen Raley
Stephen Raphael & Ellen Marks
Bridget Read
Jessica Ree
Juergen Riehm & Jody Oberfelder
Julie Robbins
Paul A. Rogers
Andrea M. Rosen
Marjorie & Jeffrey A. Rosen
Lawrence Rosenthal & Joyce Rosenthal
Beverly & William Rosoff
Amy Roth & Joe Guest
Elizabeth A. Rovere
Ann Rudovsky
Lisa & Jonathan Sack
Josh Safran & Jess Camacho
Jennifer Sage & Nicolas Grabar
S. Gerald Saliman & Raymond Vallejo
Peter Samponaro
Kirsten Sandberg
Jack Sanderson
Shani Sandy
Val Schaffner
Michele & José Scheinkman
Douglas & Ans Schickler
Evan & Lee
Anthony Schlesinger & Anne Forward
Chelsea & Morwin Schmookler
Miriam Schneider
Dr. Michael Schober
Florian Schodel
Pat Schoenfeld
Ellen Schonfeld
Ira Schreger
Gabriel & Jolie Schwartz
Richard Schwartz & Gita Martohardjono
Ralf Schwieger
Elena & Welland Scripps
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco
Elisabeth Searles & Richard Friedberg
Allen Sellers
Ann Settel
Rena Shagan
Shamos Family Foundation
Joshua Shapiro & Heller B. Berman
Brian & Lindsay Shea
Maureen Sheehan
Ted & Mary Jo Shen
Emilia Sherifova
Jayne Baron Sherman & Deby Zum
Sara Lou Sherman
Olatokumbo & Sheethal Shobowale
Melanie & Joseph Shugart
Larry & Ashley Silverman
Harry Simino
Lorna Simpson
Patricia J. S. Simpson
Loren & Marlene Skeist
Stephen Skowronek
Barbara Madsen Smith
Stephen R. Smith & Ford Rogers
Matthew Patrick Smyth
Susan Snodgrass
James Sollins
Richard & Mimi Somerby
Susan Sommer & Stephen Warnke
Connie Sopic and Natalie Sopic
Ellen Sorrin
André Spears & Anne Rosen
Jonathan Sporn
Andrew St. Laurent & Beth Levine
Jillian Steadman
Jeanne & Steven Stellman
Joshua Sternoff & Rebecca Gradinger
Deborah Stewart & James Mintz
Justin Stewart and Mamie Kanfer Stewart
Dr. Susan Stewart
Felicia Stingone & Phillip Rutherford
Gail Stone & Matt Fishbein
Leila Straus
Justine and Hiroko Takada
Toby Talbot
Gabrielle Tana
Juliet Taylor & James Walsh
Geoffrey Thomas
Virginia Thomas & Thomas May
Lisa Tilson
Grace & John Timberlake
Dr. Irena Tocino
Coralie Toevs
Manny Torrijos & Jing Shang Tan
Heather Traher
Thomas Tsang & Jonathan Lowet
Linnet Tse & John Forsyth
Jonathan & Cynthia Uejio
Chauncey Upson
Case Van Rij
Bernardette Vaskas
Raymond & Priscilla Vickers
Thomas Von Foerster
Renaud Vuaillat
Cynthia Wainwright & Stephen Berger
David Waldes
Seth Washinsky
Lisa Wassong
Robert Watt & Dawn Bradford
John & Martha Watts
Ms. Kathy Weil
Michael S. Weinstein
Marjorie & Irv Weiser
David F. Wertheimer
Adam White
Harry White & Esther Redmount
Carolyn Wiener
Lisa Williams & Charles Willis
Thomas & Maureen Wipf
Rhoda Woo
Nancy Workman & Jonathan Miller
Evan D. Yionoulis
Aaron Yowell and Alison Novak
Brett Zaccardi
Michael & Barbara Zimmerman
Frank & Arrien Zinghini
Anonymous (12)

Updated February 2022
Endowment Supporters
A great institution is built on a secure future. At BAM, a robust endowment is the foundation for our adventurous programming and archival, community, and educational initiatives. BAM sincerely thanks those listed below for their generous support of the BAM Endowment.
$5,000,000 and above
The SHS Foundation
Richard B. Fisher & Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Howard Gilman Foundation
The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Endowment Fund for Community, Educational, & Public Affairs Programs

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Altria Group, Inc./Next Wave Forward Fund
Brooklyn Community Foundation
The Campbell Family Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman
The Ford Foundation Fund to Support Collaborative Creativity Among U.S. Artists
The Irene Diamond Fund
Diane & Adam E. Max
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund For Opera & Music-Theater
Bruce C. Ratner
Jonathan F.P. & Diana V.C. Rose
Martha A. & Robert S. Rubin
William Boss Sandberg
The Starr Foundation
The Peter Jay Sharp Fund for Opera and Theater
The Thompson Family Foundation
Nora Ann Wallace & Jack Nusbaum

$500,000 to $999,999
BAM Fund to Support Emerging and Local Musicians
The Devitre Fund
Charles J. & Irene F. Hamm
Stephanie & Tim Ingrassia
Carole & Irwin Lainoff
Maribelle & Stephen Leavitt
Maxwell Family Fund in Community Funds, Inc.
Mary & Jim Ottaway Jr. in honor of Ruth Blackburne Ottaway
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

$250,000 to $499,999
The Bohen Foundation
Neil D. & Kathleen M. Chrisman
The Charles & Valerie Diker Dance Endowment Fund
The Geraldine Stutz Trust, Inc.
William Randolph Hearst Endowment for Education and Humanities Programs
The Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Michael Bancroft Goth Endowed Annual Performance Fund
James McLaren & Lawton Fitt
Sarah G. Miller & Frank L. Coulson
The Jessica E. Smith and Kevin R. Brine Charitable Trust
The Isak and Rose Weinman Foundation in honor of Madame Lilliana Teruzzi

$100,000 to $249,999
Michael Bailkin, Marvin Levine, Jesse Masyr, David Stadtmauer
Robert & Joan Catell Fund for Education Programs
Charina Endowment Fund
J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Christensen III
Ide & David Dangoor
Thérèse M. Esperdy & Robert G. Neborak
Madison S. Finlay
Emily H. Fisher
Forest City Ratner Companies
The Harkness Foundation for Dance, Inc.
Francena T. Harrison Performance Fund
Rita K. Hillman
Goldman Sachs Gives at the recommendation of Anne Hubbard & Harvey Schwartz
Richard Hulbert
Independence Community Bank
Miriam Katowitz & Arthur Radin
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar A. Lampert
Annie Leibovitz & Studio Leo Burnett, USA
The Morgan Stanley Community and Educational Fund
Nash Family Foundation
The Jerome Robbins Foundation, Inc.
May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation
Edward Spilka
Axel Stawski & Galia Meiri
Mr. & Mrs. Ame Vennema
Verizon Communications
The Winston Foundation

Updated February 2022

BAM Angels
Legacy giving supports BAM programs and initiatives for many years to come. We are deeply grateful to the following supporters who have made planned gifts to BAM.
Denis Azaro
Bettina Bancroft
Peter Berkery
Robert & Joan Catell
Neil D. Chrisman
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Christensen III
Mallory Factor
Seth & Sara Faison
Madison S. Finlay
Richard B. Fisher
Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman
Barry M. Fox
Rita Hillman
Barbara T. Hoffman
Karen Brooks Hopkins
William Josephson
Miriam Katowitz & Arthur Radin
Charlotte & Stanley Kriegel
Edgar A. Lampert
Carol & Joel Levy
Harvey Lichtenstein
Phyllis Holbrook Lichtenstein
Gene Luntey
William Lynch
Hamish & Georgene M. Maxwell
Scott C. McDonald
Joseph V. Melillo
Evelyn & Everett Ortner
Frank J. & Adeline Pannizzo
William Winthrop Parsons
Howard Pitsch
Marie D. Powers
David L. Ramsay, MD
William Boss Sandberg
Louis Sanders
Katherine Schrier
Harriet L. Senz
Sidney Shanker
Toni Mendez Shapiro
Ellen & Sam Sporn
Lynn M. Stirrup
Bella F. Stoll
Paula Marie Susi
Grace Timberlake
Judge Franklin R. Weissberg
Carol Yorke & Gerard Conn
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Updated February 2022

BAM Board
Nora Ann Wallace

William I. Campbell
Natalia Chefer
Tim Sebunya

Mark H. Jackson

James I. McLaren

Tony Bechara
David Binder
William I. Campbell
Natalia Chefer
Cheryl Della Rosa
Dinyar S. Devitre
Mark N. Diker
Richard E. Feldman
Steven G. Felsher
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Barry M. Fox
Roberta Garza
MaryAnne Gilmartin
Anne Hubbard
Edgar A. Lampert
Diane L. Max
Scott McDonald
James I. McLaren
Ahrin Mishan
David L. Picket
Frances A. Resheske
Tim Sebunya
Bart A. Sheehan
Lenny H. Singletary, III
Brian Stafford
Axel Stawski
Doug Steiner
Joseph A. Stern
Alexa Davidson Suskin
John Usdan
Brigitte Vosse
Nora Ann Wallace
Adam Wolfensohn
Claire Wood

Hon. Eric Adams
Hon. Adrienne Adams
Hon. Antonio Reynoso

Neil D. Chrisman
Seth Faison (in memoriam)
Alan H. Fishman
Adam E. Max (in memoriam)
Bruce C. Ratner

Beth Rudin DeWoody
Mallory Factor
Robert L. Forbes
Charles J. Hamm
Barbara B. Haws
William Josephson
John Lipsky
Laurie Mallet
Cathy-Ann Martine-Dolecki
David L. Ramsay, M.D., M.Ed.
Jonathan F.P. Rose

Gabriel Pizzi, Chair
Jennifer Anglade, Treasurer
Steven G. Felsher
Alan H. Fishman
Elizabeth Holtzman
Marcel Przymusinski
Alberto Sanchez
Tim Sebunya
R. Edward Spilka
Nora Ann Wallace
James I. McLaren (Ex Officio)

Karen Brooks Hopkins
Harvey Lichtenstein (in memoriam)
Joseph V. Melillo
Katy Clark
BAM Staff
Gina Duncan, President

Lindsey Cash, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Robert Smith, Manager of the President’s Office

Mark Jackson, Legal Counsel, Special Advisor to the President and Human Resources

Board Relations
Alexandra Biss, Director of Board Relations

Capital Projects
Jonathan Jones, Director of Capital Projects
Katerina Patouri, Senior Manager, Institutional Advocacy & Capital Projects

David Binder, Artistic Director

Amy Cassello, Assoc. Artistic Director
Charmaine Warren, Artistic Associate, Programming Director, and Producer, DanceAfrica
Andrea Montesdeoca, Manager, Artistic Programming Dept.
John Hoobyar, Manager of Artistic Planning

Hanif Abudurraqib, Guest Curator-at-Large
Larry Ossei-Mensah, Guest Curator-at-Large

Coco Killingsworth, Vice President of Creative Social Impact
Abdel R. Salaam, Artistic Director, DanceAfrica

Sharon Lehner, Director of Archives
Louie Fleck, Archives Manager
Evelyn Shunaman, Processing Archivist
Dominic Jordan-Grier, Archives Intern ​​

BAMkids and Family Programs
Steven McIntosh, Director of BAMkids and Family Programs
Verushka Wray, Senior Program Manager

Community Engagement
Dewonnie L. Frederick, Director of Community Affairs
Patricia Fogah, Bazaar Asst.

Ava Kinsey, Director of Education
Mikal A. Lee, Education Program Manager, Word. Sound. Power Programming
Mecca Madyun, Dance Education Manager
Lonnie Woods, III, Brooklyn Interns for Arts & Culture Program Instructor

Molly Silberberg, Assoc. Director, Humanities

Institutional Advocacy
Ellen Leszynski, Director of Institutional Advocacy

Jennifer Leeson, Senior Operations Manager
Regan Sommer McCoy, Operations Manager

Teaching Artists & BAC Interns
Imani Faye, Teaching Artist
Chia-Ti Chiu, Teaching Artist
Darian Dauchan, Teaching Artist
Todd M. Woodard, Teaching Artist
Kimani Fowlin, Teaching Artist
Michael T. Ramsey, Teaching Artist
Melissa . House, Teaching Artist
Gwenyth. Reitz, Teaching Artist
Rebecca Y. Bliss, Teaching Artist
Jenny Rocha, Teaching Artist
Marcus J. Smalls, Teaching Artist
Karen Thornton-Daniels, Teaching Artist
Farai Malianga, Teaching Artist
Sara Stranovsky, Teaching Artist
Gideon David Bautista, Teaching Artist
William Jonathan Schultz, Teaching Artist
GV Maldonado, Teaching Artist
Jonathan Waldman, Teaching Artist
Mtume Jabari Gant, Teaching Artist
Okai Fleurimont, Teaching Artist
Janet Onyenucheya, Teaching Artist
Anthony Merchant, Teaching Artist
Chelsea Harrison, Teaching Artist
David Alston, Teaching Artist
Michel Kouakou, Teaching Artist
Enya-Kalia Jordan, Teaching Artist
Oludare Bernard, Teaching Artist
Adia Whitaker, Teaching Artist
Jennifer Cendaña Armas, Teaching Artist
Teeka Duplessis, BAC Intern
India Daley, BAC Intern
Alysha McKnight, BAC Intern
Kelon Moore, BAC Intern
Jabiah Suhrawardhy, BAC Intern
Kareemah Best, BAC Intern
Grace Tapia, BAC Intern
Jaden Misaro, BAC Intern
Jamie Jian, BAC Intern
Jaela Noel-Joseph, BAC Intern
Upama Hasan, BAC Intern
Isadora Pierre, BAC Intern

Stacy Wilson Margolis, Vice President of Development
Chantal Bernard, Associate Vice President of Development

TyWuané Lewis, Development Coordinator

Corporate Relations and Sponsorship
Amit Shah, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships

Individual Giving & Development Operations
Claire Charlesworth, Director of Individual Giving & Development Operations
Sky Olson, Assoc. Director of Development Operations & Analytics
Emily Searles, Membership Manager
Tate Waddell, Patron Program Manager
Nathan Rand, Development Operations Coordinator
Allyson R. Steele, Individual Giving Coordinator
Bruce Smolanoff, Telefund Consultant

Institutional Giving
Clemente Luna, Director of Institutional Giving
Kailin Husayko, Assoc. Director Institutional Giving
Lindsey Sanderson, Institutional Giving Coordinator

Major Gifts
Rami Awn, Director of Donor Relations and Major Gifts
Michael Doyle, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Major Gifts
Jeanine Reynolds, Director of Major Gifts
Arianna Mastro, Major Gifts Officer
Jesse Rose-Pulitzer, Major Gifts Manager
Tsiang Belgrove, Donor Relations Coordinator

Special Events
James Vause, Director of Special Events
Grace Eubank, Assistant Director of Special Events

Jennifer Anglade, CFO, Vice President of Finance

Kozue Oshiro, Controller
Yvette Rodriguez, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Tameka A White, Assistant Controller
Ferlaisa Gomez, Senior Finance Manager, FP&A
Camilia Huggins, Finance Manager
Gina Pellegrini, Budget Manager
Hassaan Shahid, Senior Staff Accountant
Brien Spence, Accounts Payable Coordinator

Elizabeth Moreau, Associate Vice President and Senior Producer

Artist Services
Stonie Darling, Director of Artist Services
Stacey Dinner, Artist Services Manager
Alex Matthews, Artist Services Coordinator
Minna Lee, Artist Services Representative

BAM Film
Jesse Trussell, Senior Programmer
Andreea Drogeanu, Film Coordinator

Cinema Operations
Jesse Green, Director of Cinema Operations
Michael Katz, Head Projectionist
Dylan Soltis, Projectionist

Adam Goldberg, Cinema Manager
Sasha Ramos, Assistant Cinema Manager
Sashawna Donaldson, Assistant Cinema Manager
Patrece Stewart, Assistant Cinema Manager
Alma Macbride, Assistant Cinema Manager
Felicity Laureano, Assistant Cinema Manager
Leann Whyte, Floor Staff
Ryan Tamashar, Floor Staff
Allen Kessman, Floor Staff
Sharesse Lynch-Vincent, Floor Staff
Shanice Whyte, Floor Staff
Jonathan Lee, Floor Staff
Mickel Anthony, Floor Staff
Paul Crucero, Floor Staff
Stig Crachiolo, Floor Staff
Christian Whitehead, Floor Staff
Tylar S. Garcia, Floor Staff
Jodi Lin, Floor Staff
Angelica Jones, Floor Staff
Rafael Santiago, Floor Staff
Alliyah Dookie, Floor Staff
Anissa Lopez, Floor Staff

Budgets & Contracts
Liz Zieminski, Director, GM Budgets & Contracts
Jimmy Walden, Assoc. Director, GM Budgets & Contracts
Britt Aronovich, Senior Revenue Manager
Lucy Petropoulos, GM Budgets & Contracts Coordinator

Event & Venue Operations
Jaclyn Bouton, Director of Event & Venue Operations
Cady Knoll, Senior Operations & Project Manager
Christopher Mode, Project Manager
Earline Stephen, Project Coordinator

Building Operations
Scott David Shaw, Director of Security and Interim Head of Building Operations

Scott David Shaw, Security Director
Lawrence Seldon, Security Manager
Adrienne L Cobb, Security Guard PT
Juan G. Lebron, Lead Auxiliary Guard
Kenneth Aguillera, Senior Attendant Guard
Adekunle Alabi, Attendant Guard
Vinroy Anglin, Attendant Guard
Ricardo J. Ash, Security Guard PT
Mujaheed Bey, Security Guard PT
Ernest Casanova, Security Guard PT
Collie Dean, Senior Attendant Guard
Marlon A Desouza, Attendant Guard
Kevin L. Lemon, Attendant Guard
Teonia Smith, Attendant Guard
Shaunte Snipes, Administrative Coordinator
Kelly E. Wheaton, Attendant Guard
Michael Whyte, Senior Attendant Guard
Rendell Blount
Nefatiry Brown
Johnathan Davis
Briana Mabra
Bianca Kavanagh, Attendant Guard
Shamika Page
Theodora Starks
Trafane White-Hinton
Michael Watson
Andel M Thomas
Jon Watson
Jose Guzman

Facilities Management
James Boese, Director of Facilities
Lynn Alexander, Facilities Manager
Peter Blomstom, Project Manager
Markee Glover, Logistical Services Coordinator
Anthony Sam, Building Services Assoc.

Building Maintenance
Steven McDowell, Lead Maintenance Technician
Allan A Boyce, Interim Supervising Maintainer
Mubarak Salifu, Maintainer
Carl Blango, Asst. Maintainer

Custodial Services
Ramon Cabassa, Library Custodian
Derrek Demary, Lead Custodian
Theodore Burroughs, Custodian
Deval Thompson, Custodian
Yosess Allen, Junior Custodian
Ludlow C Chamberlain, Junior Custodian
Isaias A. Flores, Junior Custodian
Ron Rathan, Assistant Custodian
Akeon Thomas, Junior Custodian
Jerry Wright, Junior Custodian

Dylan Nachand, Director of Production
Collin Costa, Assoc. Director of Production
Laura Williams, Assoc. Production Manager
Paul Bartlett, Senior Production Supervisor
William Johnston Jr, Production Supervisor
Brian Sciarra, Production Supervisor
Alex Hurst, Production Supervisor
Elizabeth Lee, Production Project Manager
Celine Abdallah, Production Assistant
Erica Ayala, Production Coordinator

Production Stage Crew
Martha V. Blake, House Wardrobe Supervisor
Jonathan Bracken, Head Carpenter, OH
Wayne A Brusseau, Flyperson, OH
Colin Colfer, Head Electrician, HT
Alison Dabdoub, Head of Sound, HT
Heather Gallagher, Assist. Electrician, OH
Paul Cooper Gardner, Assist. Sound and Video
Samantha Higgins, Head of Props, HT
Thomas Holler, Utility Stagehand
John Manderbach, Head Electrician, OH
Marc Putz, Head of Sound OH
Giancarlo Sini, Head Carpenter, OH
Chris Theodore, Head of Props, OH
Nicholas Varacalli, Crew Chief
Richard Wurzbach, Utility Stagehand

Theater Management
Christine Gruder, Theater Manager
John Jones, Associate Theater Manager
Jacqueline David, Head Usher
Nancy Doram, Head Usher

Mark Jackson, Legal Counsel, Special Advisor to CIP and HR

Human Resources
Lindsay Crawford, Director, HR
Alexis Boehmler, Benefits Manager
Cynthia Smith, Payroll Manager
Nina Durand, HR Generalist
Tiffany Gillam, HR Coordinator
Floricet Diaz, Recruiting Asst.

Wm. Allen Lee III, Assoc. Vice President of Information Technology

Jason Q. Minnis, Director, Information Systems and Development
Ira Sibulkin, Director, Information Technology
Svetlana Mikhalevskaya, Assistant Director, Information Systems and Development
Matthew Taylor, Senior Web Developer
Gabriel Dekoladenu, Web Developer
Benjamin James, Web Developer
Jersy Rodriguez, Assoc. Director, Technical Support
Susan Bishop, Administrative Coordinator
Kenneth Flores, Helpdesk Manager
Rafael Iglesias, Desktop Analyst
Lucas Austin, Desktop Analyst

Kent Davidson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Sarah Garvey, Director of Brand Storytelling
Cynthia Tate, Publicity Manager

Creative Services
Andrew Sloat, Creative Director
Sam Polcer, Assoc. Director of Content Strategy
Patrick Morin, Assoc. Director of Design
Kimberly Lum, Designer
Kayla Battle, Junior Designer
Joseph Barglowski, Video Editor
Nora Casey, Senior Copywriter
Cara Cannella, Creative Storyteller
Alison Kozol, Senior Manager of Digital Operations
Nandi Piper, Digital Media Coordinator

Marketing & Audience Development
Raphaele de Boisblanc, Director of Marketing & Audience Development
Sabrina Karpe, Director of Insights & Engagement
Lindsay Brayton, Marketing Manager, Film
Frank Marsilio, Assoc. Director, Marketing and Ticketing Operations
Ethan Cohen, Marketing Operations Coordinator
Vilina Phan, Senior Marketing Manager
Tyliah Penn, Marketing Coordinator
Andrew Rubenbauer, Senior Marketing Manager

Ticket Services
Kevin J. McLoughlin, Head Treasurer
Russell S. Grier, First Assistant Treasurer
Stacy Buonagura, Assistant Treasurer
Nicola Clough, Assistant Treasurer
Charles A. Dolce, Assistant Treasurer
Dena Douglass, Assistant Treasurer
Victor A. Jouvert, Assistant Treasurer
Alaric Krigger, Assistant Treasurer
Timothy Moran, Assistant Treasurer
Joseph Nava, Assistant Treasurer
Karen R. Rousso, Assistant Treasurer
Stephen Russell, Assistant Treasurer
Kyle A. Williams, Assistant Treasurer

Royda Venture, Director of Guest Experience
Jessica Hindle, Patron & Guest Services Manager
Yahya Jeffries-El, Patron & Guest Services Manager
Latasha McNeil, Guest Experience Manager
Miranda A. Gauvin, Senior Ticket Services Representative
Saul Almiachev, Ticket Services Representative
Anais D. Blin, Ticket Services Representative
Shadell C. Brown, Ticket Services Representative
Lucca C. Damilano, Ticket Services Representative
Justin E. Dash, Ticket Services Representative
Roberto Ebanks, Ticket Services Representative
Warren Ng, Ticket Services Representative
Angela T. Romualdez, Ticket Services Representative
Jose N. Vega, Ticket Services Representative

Dr. Benard Camins, Infectious Disease Specialist, Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Mount Sinai Health Systems

List correct as of Mar 15, 2022

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